GAP Cover Insurance

This GAP Insurance has been designed for vehicles that are financed on Contract Hire or Personal Contract Hire. In the event the insured vehicle is the subject of a Total Loss the Lease GAP Insurance will pay the difference between the comprehensive motor insurers Total Loss settlement and the Early Settlement charge applied by the vehicle finance company, up to a maximum amount insured. The settlement is made direct to the finance company.

The types of GAP cover we can offer are:

  • Contract Hire
  • Personal Contract Hire
  • Lease Hire
  • Finance Lease

Purchase Price   Protection Insurance

Purchase Price Protection Insurance is available to you whether you paid cash or borrowed the money from a Bank or Motor Loan or even chose Contract Hire or a Leasing agreement.

If you are leasing a car, paid for your car using a bank or finance house loan or simply paid cash, PPP GAP insurance will protect you against depreciation if your car is stolen and is not recovered or damaged beyond safe or economical repair and your motor insurer declares it to be a total loss.

When a vehicle is declared a total loss the insurance company pays the market value at the time of the loss. They do not pay the purchase or invoice price. Purchase Price Protection Gap Insurance will pay the depreciation, the difference between the invoice price (purchase value) and loss value of your car

Finance  GAP  Insurance

Finance Gap Insurance is available to you if you have elected to buy your car using a Motor Loan or HP Agreement through your supplying dealer.

The difference between the amount you receive from your Motor Insurer and the Early Settlement figure of your Finance Agreement will be paid - even if the interest charged makes that higher than the amount you borrowed or paid for the vehicle.

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